General Computer Troubleshooting

General Computer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Do's are extremely important to remember since they will save you
money as you follow these steps to prevent damage and save you grief should you ignore
any of these which may result in a problem showing up.
Take the time to go over these troubleshooting Do's first and pay close attention to
removing any and all static buildup from yourself.
Troubleshooting Do's consist of the following procedures.
DO make sure your hardware device drivers are up to date with any patches
downloaded and installed. Take the time to visit your video card, sound card,
motherboard, and other hardware manufacturer web sites to see if you have the most up to
date device drivers.

DO check that all connections are seated firmly and properly in their sockets. This is
a must check as these connections do tend to work themselves loose over time and cause
problems you may blame on software.
If you have been working in your system unit recently and you noticed a fault manifesting
itself, you want to go back and take a look at all connections you were near. Look to be
sure your fingers did not press against other connections and causing then to work loose.
DO perform preventive maintenance on your computer and keep it clean regularly.
Its a good idea to open up the system unit and remove all dust that have accumulated on
the motherboard as well as all other boards.


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