How To Revive A Dead Computer

How To Revive A Dead Computer

When it comes to PC Repair, PC Training courses both online and off, offer a wide range
of computer training programs and some of the best computer training software. But
understanding your computer will help you learn how to bring it back to life or at least
understand why you can't.
Its not something we like to think about but your computer will fail, if you keep it long
enough. It may be a simple problem,such as the floppy drive not reading the disk to a
major system crash.
Because computers are run by operators, User Error is the most common cause of
computer malfunction. When the user is at the computer,he or she may add or delete
certain files. Or he/she may remove or exchange certain hardware features.

 When we look at user error,we must remember that since we're human,the user error may
be easy to solve by simply asking the last user if he/she installed any software, reconfigured
any software or hardware settings,etc.
A large percentage of computer malfunctions are due to environmental factors such as
power surges caused by lightning, resulting in over-voltage.
Another cause for failure may be room temperature being too high or low,as well as dust,
dirt, or sunlight. If you're in business and heavily dependent on your computers, such
factors as room temperature,sunlight and protection against power surges is of the utmost
importance and simply cannot be overlooked.
The most common pc problem is when you can't access your PC at all. When you turn on
the power switch, NOTHING HAPPENS.

Here is a quick checklist of troubleshooting procedures you should follow if you encounter
this problem .We also have videos you can download from the Internet should you need
assistance in just how to perform these procedures:

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