Make Sure You Have no Spyware

Make Sure You Have no Spyware

Run at least a couple different antispyware programs. Perhaps most people these days are
buying full computer suites to use with their computers, which should include antispyware
programs, but it doesn't hurt to independently run stand alone anti-spyware programs.
The free ones are, SuperAntiSpyware (maybe the best of the free ones now), Spybot,
LavaSoft's Ad-Aware, Yahoo Toolbar with Anti-Spy, and "Bazooka Adware and Spyware
Note it's also a good idea to use the free spyware prevention tool, Spyware Blaster.
The commercial anti-spyware programs SpySweeper, SpywareDoctor and CA Anti-
Spyware (formerly Pest Patrol) are excellent. They cost $30-40.

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  1. If your system starts functioning in a disorder manner, then you get many thoughts, but how can you identify that the destruction of your system is through spyware only.


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