Following These Steps To Recover Your Hard Drive

Following These Steps To Recover Your Hard Drive

First, turn off the computer. If the computer continues to restart after the Windows logo appears
without giving a chance to access the desktop and a blue screen flashes for a split second, it is
most likely a registry problem, virus or hard drive fail.
The impending loss of important documents and files is a sickening feeling, but there is a way to
recover them before reformatting the computer. For an affordable price, external hard drive cases
can be bought at any retail outlet specializing in computers. After the case is purchased, carefully
remove the hard drive from the computer by detaching the connected wires, plug the hard drive
into the case and it will act as an external USB drive.
Once this is completed, attach it to another computer and hopefully it will show up as another
drive. If this works, simply drag and drop the important files onto the computer and back them up
onto a USB stick or DVD disc. If this doesn't work, the hard drive has either failed or it's not
connected properly.

Now that the files are safe, it is time to reboot the computer. Ideally, when a computer is
purchased, the user will make a back up disc of the operating system in case of a meltdown. If
you don’t have the disc, contact the company that makes the computer and perhaps they will
supply one.


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