Here's How To Replace A DVD Drive In Your Laptop

Here's How To Replace A DVD Drive In Your Laptop

Replacing a DVD drive in a laptop is very simple. Even if you don't have a lot of technical
expertise this is something that you can do. There are no screws involved or opening up of
the computer case. This is because most laptops all use modular drives that pop right out.
A DVD burner is the drive that allows you to write data or video/audio files on a DVD
disk. The amount of information that can be written to a DVD is typically 4.7 GB.
However, double-layer DVD burners can write up to 8.5 GB of data on a disk. Devices
with a LightScribe-enabled optical drive allow you to burn DVD labels as well.
An installation of a new DVD burner on your laptop may be required due to the failure of
the original hardware or as an upgrade from a CD/DVD-ROM (read only) drive. Get a
replacement from the manufacturer.
Laptops don't have big open cases that will fit any DVD drive you buy. The cases for the
drive are somewhat proprietary to the manufacturer of the laptop. Call your manufacturer
and give them your exact model and serial number to order the right sized DVD drive.
Shutdown the laptop and make sure it is completely powered off.
Disconnect the plug from the battery and set the laptop on a flat dry surface. Turn the
laptop over. You should remove the battery to prevent any chance of the laptop turning on.
You may have to check your manual but most laptops have a button to push or slide to
release the drive. Push the drive straight out and remove it from the laptop. Insert the new
drive in the reverse way you pulled out the old drive.
Insert an edge of a paper clip into the emergency eject hole of the DVD drive to open it.
Gently pull out the disk tray. Locate two screws (one on some laptop models) on the back
laptop panel that secure the DVD drive. You may need to consult your laptop manual for


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